Day Four down… Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 14.40.01Hello all, just a quick one… how are you doing? Are you keeping with it? Some of you have been very quiet – do I need to be worried?

All good this end – yesterday (day 4) I exercised, meditated, checked balances, stuck to a planned work schedule (got a lot done) and did not drink.

I’m going to try harder with my food though, some of you have inspired me. I thought that stopping drinking gave me a free pass to do whatever I wanted with regards to the rest of my diet but seeing as being booze free is proving easier than I’d expected (I know, amazing) I might push myself a bit more to cut out sugar/sweets (not fruit). Yesterday, with all my busy work-ness I ate not one but TWO slices of cake. I rely a lot on sugar to get me through the day and know it’s not a good thing and it only creates a slump afterwards – so for the rest of the week at least I’m going to do NO PROCESSED SUGAR/CAKES and only a small chunk of very dark chocolate if totally desperate.

The mood continues to be deliciously good. Not hyper up or down just mellow and clear and calm. I’ll write a full post about this but my head is a total different place without booze. Maybe at the end of this I’ll discover I didn’t need self-help, I just needed to stop drinking.

I’m also properly tired – but a nice tired, not a depressed tired. I’m sleeping like a LOG and pressing snooze on the alarm every morning. Looking forward to an epic sleep this weekend.

xx love to you all xx

ps Gabby Bernstein mentioned the quote above at her lecture on Saturday and I liked it.

pps – I’m listening to Nick Mulvey on Spotify. I’m so out of touch with music but I just saw him mentioned on a friend’s FB page so I went to listen. He’s really nice. So there you go, my music tip for the day.

13 thoughts on “Day Four down… Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

  1. Emily

    Hello Marianne, good to read update. Made me laugh about the not needing self help but maybe just giving up the booze. Very funny.
    All going well this end. Day 4 proper of no sugar. Such a good feeling! Made kale chips yesterday and ate piles. That felt good. Less than two hours of tv yesterday and two the day before. So thank you for the challenge. I’ll still be taking one day at a time but so far it’s all going in the right direction!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog.

  2. Mary

    It’s the change in the weather, that’s what I’m blaming. In the morning, I prepared a gorgeous veggie curry for my tea and had a really decent light lunch. Not decent enough, apparently. I ended up raiding the freezer for scones I’d thrown in there weeks ago (scones! I couldn’t get more middle-aged, could I?), and I’m currently waiting for a batch of cupcakes to cool down enough for me to devour. I’m not usually like this, I swear!

    1. Marianne Power Post author

      Mary, if you look up the comments box, Arthur is looking for scone recipe and I like the sound of your veggie curry. x

  3. Elaine

    Have just popped a comment on yesterdays blog… with the last bit saying I was not going to worry re the healthy food thing at the mo as it was just not happening… came to read todays blog and it’s made me laugh and its all about food!!!!!!! (and drink!!) thank you Marianne and Mary …. I’ve had such a laugh and feel so much better now!!!!!!!! xxxx

  4. Arthur

    I caught up with week 1 of a 3 week course, have thought about the things that went well, but still need to eat my veg (will do so after this). I’ve never been successful with crash diets or elimination diets – both leave me dead on my feet.

    I’ve started doing something else that is not on my list. When I wake up in the morning, I say to myself, “I’m looking forward to all the good news I’m going to hear today.” By good news, I mean good news, whether it’s good for me directly or people I know or people I don’t know. So far I’ve heard something good or great every day 🙂

    Great to hear you’re sleeping well. Fundamental.

    1. Marianne Power Post author

      That’s a nice thought to start the day with Arthur, I’ll nudge Mary to give you the scone recipe.

  5. Zoë

    Ah, well yesterday, Day 5, I went out straight from work and got home at quarter to midnight, so no housework at all. I guess that means I need to do 2 things for today’s minimum. As of this morning I have a whole pile of clothes waiting for me to hang them up, glory glory 😛

    Less sugar is a good one! I’ve been trying to cut down for ages, and have made some minor strides. Instead of cranberry juice I now bring my own sugar-free mixer (ice tea, lemonade, red bull zero…) to my local bar to mix with the happy hour well vodka. So yeah, I could do better… (That said, try to work in an office where there’s cookies and candy everywhere all the time. I partake.) I’m due for a blood test to see if my minor strides have done enough – will try to get that in this month!


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