Do you like my new car?

When I was at school our gym teacher has an old Mercedes sports car in blue. I loved it and have always wanted one.

The Secret says that to get your dream car you must believe you already have it. You must visualise your hands on the steering wheel and smell the leather. It says that you should do whatever it takes to make the vision feel real – including taking the dream car for a test-run.

So today I did this:


Yup, I visited my dream car in a very expensive car show room and pretended – sorry, believed – that I had the £50,000 necessary to buy it. Alas I wasn’t allowed to take it out of a test-run but a lovely man called Gary did let me get behind the wheel of the car.

Here I am asking Gary something about engine size. I have no idea about engine size and can’t remember his answer but I thought it would make me seem more convincing.


And here I am pretending to look interested when he explained how many miles were on the clock. Very few apparently.

how much?

2014-03-27 11.29.46

So what do you think? Do you like it? Should I take it? Do you like how it matches my coat? And my top? I always say one must match one’s clothes with one’s vehicle…

My friend did a video of me behind the wheel but unfortunately it didn’t record properly. In it she asked me if I believed the car was mine and I said ‘Yes, actually I do.’ And I did. I felt quite at home in it.

‘Well, tell him you’ll take it then,’ she said. ‘Write him out one of those blank cheques from the Universe.’

HA!!! Exactly. And that’s where this whole Secret business comes unstuck. Yes, I believe that with positive thinking and hard work I could do what it takes to afford that car one day but a cheque from the Universe won’t pay for it. I will.

The more time I spend thinking about the book the more I’m struggling to get my head around the ‘Ask, believe, receive’ mantra – what about hard work? Going out and making things happen?

I can see that thinking about your dreams and visualising them, as this book tells you to do, is really important – and something too few of us do – but after we acknowledge our dreams, is it really right a to just sit back and wait for them to happen, without doing anything?

The Secret says that it’s not our job to worry about HOW it’s going to happen, our job is just to ‘place our order’ with The Universe and be on the right ‘frequency’ but I can’t buy that. It makes me feel uncomfortable. it’s like sitting around waiting to win the lottery but in this case when it doesn’t happen, it’s your fault because you’re not ‘believing’ or operating at a high enough frequency.

Athletes believe in their success and they visualise the moment they cross the finish line but then they also go out and train every day to make that vision a reality. Would Usain Bolt break whatever records he’s broken (I know as much about sport as I do engine size) without training every day?

It’s also interesting that a lot of what The Secret talks about is material gain – the big car, house, million dollar cheques. And yes, I really would love all these things, as I think most of us would, but it’s strange to be doing it after my money month. I spent most of last month realising how much I’ve tried to find happiness, status and a feeling of being ‘good enough’ in the right jeans, the right restaurant, the right job – and how ultimately it doesn’t work.  This book is plugging right back into those old beliefs .

Anyway, these are not very well ordered ramblings but bottom line – the car is not mine.

I would have tried to write Gary a cheque from the Universe but I realised I had no guarantee card.

I’ll be back another day with a real cheque earned from my own real work.


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21 thoughts on “Do you like my new car?

  1. Paul Nash

    You never know. Perhaps the book deal will earn you enough so you’ll be able to buy the car. So maybe it will come true after all. Presumably the book doesn’t promise that by writing the blank cheque from the Universe you will get what you want immediately.

    1. Marianne Power

      Paul, I was being a bit facetious with the cheque stuff and yes, good things continue to come from the blog, and who knows a book might be one of them one day but what will be will be etc.

  2. Sheila

    Buying that car with your own hard earned money will be a million times more satisfying and rewarding than someone else buying it for you…even if that someone else is as big and impressive as the universe. Maybe you can also buy the universe a car? I think it could use a people carrier.

  3. anjaverder

    Strike ‘hard’ work from your vocabulary! I think yes, absolutely we have to get off the couch and do something, but who says it has to be ‘hard’? It is challenging to work past blocks and self sabotage, but it is also fun and rewarding – as your work with your coming book, right? I think what The Secret forgets to tell, is that we have to listen for ‘instructions’ and inspiration and take action on those. And every time our big wishes start to scare us or we don´t believe in them or have other negative thoughts – we have to take our minds of the subject and go general, which means focus on something that lift your mood, like listening to a great song, go for a walk, watch something funny etc. We have to let go of resistance in order for the things we want to flow to us. Easier said than done… Do you know They share these messages!

    xo Anja

    1. Marianne Power

      Anja, thanks – you are right. I’ll ban ‘hard work’ from my vocabulary. Everything I’ve done on this blog has be a joy, even when it was challenging. I’m aware of Abraham Hicks, I’ve been watching their videos. Thanks for flagging it up though.

  4. Max Corradi

    Hi Marianne, it is true the car suits you, you should tell the Youniverse.. what the secret doesn’t tell us is that visualizing and all that ‘Ask, believe, receive’ true enough sets up causes which might or might not translate in effects in the physical world, and by raising the frequency of your thought -intention you are getting in tune with the desire so to speak…BUT, the physical manifestation only happen when secondary circumstances will allow the seed-cause to ripen, it can be in 1 month or 10 years..proving that you don’t counteract it with an opposing cause…not as easy and straightforward as they want us to think..In my book ‘The seven Laws of Reality and Being’ I have tried to explain in details how it works…Good luck 🙂

  5. Michelle Bunt

    I think it suits you too!
    I think that was the problem I had with The Secret the first time around too – was that it does focus a lot on material things, and a lot less on other things which are perhaps more important. But I wonder whether it does focus on material things because they are easier to measure i.e. if I was able to manifest my dream car or my dream house that looked exactly as I pictured it even though I currently have no money and no likely plan for this becoming real, I think it would prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mind is more powerful than I think and that it creates my reality. So then everyday when I drove said car that I had attracted that I would be reminded of that and that would then inspire me to use the principle of attraction for more intangible and noble purposes now that I had faith in the concept/practice.
    Re the “once I visualise it, shouldn’t I have to do hard work to get it?” question, Joe Vitale, one of the people quoted in The Secret who has his own website entitled “How to Attract a New Car” explains that of course you DO have to take action, but it shouldn’t feel like hard work. He explains that there is a difference between trying to MAKE things happen, and following the promptings and intuitions you get which are from the Universe which will make it happen very easily without you having to force it. I don’t know, what do you think?

    1. Marianne Power

      Michelle, thanks for your comment – this is really interesting. You’re right re material things being easier to quantify. I think The Secret glosses over the actions we take as part of living the dream but thanks for flagging up Joe’s comments. Take the point about how it shouldn’t seem like hard work or like you’re forcing it. If you’re doing the right thing, it happens. Thank you!

  6. Anne Thorn

    I think you are missing the point of all this. The law of attraction is not just ‘ordering’ material things and then sitting back and waiting for delivery! It is about attracting positive things into our lives by believing anything is possible and then taking small actions towards our goal or dream and seeing positive changes happen in our lives. It’s about believing that dreams can come true instead of seeing all the barriers and not bothering to try. Keep reading all the inspirational stories of others, let go of specific outcomes and let go of the ‘how’. Keep visualising and looking at cars, contacting agents making connections. You are sending out positive vibrations and that is fact not fiction. Try E squared by Pam Grout, which has specific exercises you can do. This does work, you can be as cynical as you like but if you really follow the instructions you will see changes, and you already are. How did you get the agent and the potential book deal – do you think that was just luck and coincidence??

    1. Marianne Power

      Anne, thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right about believing in dreams instead of not bothering. I love that part of the book. My concern is that there is very little focus on taking actions towards your goal. I think that sends out the wrong message and I think that anybody who has achieved great things in their life – including you – did so by a combination of positive thinking, dreaming big and then taking big bold steps. From what I’ve remembered the book makes one small mention to taking ‘joyous action’ but the focus is on letting the Universe deliver. And maybe the universe does deliver but that’s the part I’m having a hard time getting my head around. I think the agent and potential book deal (fingers crossed) came from me having a dream, doing all I could to make it happen, and then having the guts to contact people despite the fear that they’d reject me. But yes, there is also another level of things going on… life does seem to be offering me wonderful things at the moment. So I’m open minding but struggling with the metaphysics of it and with The Secret’s focus on material things. I have e2 and will read it too. Thanks for reading and for commenting! Lots of food for thought.

  7. Bette

    I have a problem with the “ask, believe, receive” philosophy. I’m sure there are quite a few people in this world who watched their children starve to death while truly wanting food with all their hearts and minds. A first-world approach to first-world problems is not a universal truth.
    With that said, you looked great at the steering wheel of that car — blue suits you!

  8. Yola

    That car is fabulous one of my favourite models.And that shade of blue happens to be very fashionable this year.It suits you perfectly.Hope you clinch the book deal and are able to buy it !

  9. David

    The whole foundation to the Secret is the Reticular Activiation System in your head. The RAS alerts you to what is important – like teeth would have been to Neanderthal Man. By focusing Secret-style on what you want, you WILL see it everywhere because your brain will alert you to it.
    So if it works correctly, it also alerts you to OPPORTUNITIES which can lead you to getting what you want.
    The basis is sound – it’s just that half of the foundation – the action – is glossed over in this book.

    I see she’s just released a third one – can’t help feeling they all say the same thing in different words.

    Marianne, judging from your words above – you’re going to LOVE the 7 Habits!

  10. Alice Graves

    I also recommend Pam Grout’s book. I followed her advice and tried to open myself up to all possibilities and had a whole lot of fun!! When she talks about coincidences she is bang on the money! I would love you to do her book one month because it is hilarious! Loving your blog. xx


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