Feel The Fear List


  1. Sing in front of a crowd- MISSION COMPLETED!
  2. Public speaking – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  3. Stand-up comedy- MISSION COMPLETED! 
  4. Chat up a guy on the tube – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  5. Ask out a stranger
  6. Pose naked for a photograph or a painting – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  7. Watch a scary film (haven’t done since Misery scarred me, aged 13) MISSION COMPLETED 
  8. My tax return & a spend a day looking through my bank statements – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  9. Lunch with Chris Evans
  10. Confront someone about something they’ve done to upset me
  11. Ask for a discount in a shop/ haggle MISSION COMPLETED! 
  12. Get the FOUR fillings I need (Tut, tut) MISSION COMPLETED! 
  13. Get the mole on my back checked out MISSION COMPLETED
  14. Eat offal- MISSION COMPLETED! 
  15. Skydive or something daredevil-y – MISSION COMPLETED 
  16. Dive off a high diving board
  17. Cycle in London
  18. Find out what people think of me (the bad stuff)
  19. Parallel parking/driving on motorway – MISSION COMPLETED! 
  20. Lose my temper (I never do. Ever. I’m too repressed and I’m scared it would make people hate me.)
  21. Use the phone every day (I have a weird with the thing phone – getting or receiving calls makes me nervous)


6 thoughts on “Feel The Fear List

  1. Libby Fraser

    Brilliant and very brave! Would love to hear about more of the missions completed. Am now a follower and looking forward to updates! x

  2. Lynda Todd

    With a week to go you are doing very well on your Feel the Fear list! Chapeau. Just discovered your FB page and this site. Will be following you albeit remotely from here on in…or out! Good on you girl!


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