I just got a cheque for £100,000

Well, the chapter got the thumbs up from my lovely, clever agent and is being emailed to book editors across the land as we speak. Fingers crossed, what will be, will be etc. I got myself in a state fretting and analysing over the last few days but I’ve now tired myself out. It’ll happen how it’s meant to happen.

The Secret which tells you that you must have unwavering faith and certainty that whatever you want is on its way. It says that anything in the world can be yours with these three steps:

1 ASK – Sit down and write out what you want on a piece of paper. Write it in the present tense. You might begin writing I am so happy and grateful now that… And then explain how you want your life to be in every way.

This might be the first time for many of us that we really work out what we want. Now that you know you can have, be or do anything and there’s no limits, what do you really want? 

The book says that ‘it’s like having the universe as your catalogue, you flip through it and say I’d like to have this experience and I’d like to have that product… Place your order with the universe. You don’t have to ask over and over again – it’s like a catalogue, you just place the order once.’

For any English readers, TV presenter Noel Edmunds put his career down to this – although he called it Cosmic Ordering.

2 BELIEVE ‘Believe that it’s already yours – have unwavering faith. You must believe that you have received, you must know that it’s yours the moment you ask. You must have complete and utter faith.

‘In the moment you ask and believe and know you already have it in the unseen world the entire universe shifts to bring it into the seen. Why? Because the Universe mirrors your thoughts.’

‘Most of us have never truly allowed ourselves to want what we truly want because we cannot see how it’s going to manifest. How it will happen, how the universe will bring it to you is not your concern or job. Allow the universe to do it for you.’

3 RECEIVE Begin to feel wonderful about it. Feel they way you will once it comes. Feel it now. Feel good. Say to yourself – I am receiving now. I am receiving all the good in my life now. And feel it. 

The book suggests test-driving the car, shopping for your dream home, trying on that dress… to get that feeling.

It’s all so nutty. When does positive thinking become delusion/insanity? I’m really struggling with it. How do you fake faith? Well, the book says you have to ‘make believe’ like you did as a child and keep positive and only allow good thoughts… but all of this is hard. It just doesn’t feel real. Bad thoughts – doubt, fear, sadness, anger – are natural parts of life. But then again, dwelling in them ninety per cent of the time, as I do, isn’t good, I know.

So I guess I’m going to have do my best to suspend my disbelief and just go for this. Starting with my list of wishes (which until now I would never admit to myself let alone share with the world, so go gentle on me)

Dear Universe,

I am so happy and grateful now that…

I have a six figure book deal, Hollywood is making a film or series of the book, the website is a huge success that helps and inspiring lovely people all around the world, I am travelling around the world – visiting India, Bali, Morocco and spending a lot of time in the States, I am healthy and happy, my body is slim and fit and I’m glowing with energy, I am able to share my wealth and happiness with friends and family who are all happy and healthy too, I have lots of time to spend with my friends and their children, I meet new and interesting people all the time, I am able to live anywhere I like and have beautiful homes that I share with others, I have lots of money coming in all the time and never need to worry about money and neither does my family, I am in love with a lovely clever, kind, funny man who I can share my life with and that I met lots of other great guys on the way to finding him. Oh and I have a lovely old minty green Mercedes sports car and a wardrobe or lovely clothes which magically wash themselves. Ha! Only kidding, I have a lovely cleaner who keeps this newfound life in order. And a PA, seeing as we’re really going for it.

And that’s it. Over and out with best wishes and thanks, Marianne xx

So now I have to believe and receive. Hmm. In some ways I do believe it, actually sitting here right now, I do believe it. Why shouldn’t it happen? Amazing things happen to people all the time, why not me or you? I think my belief might be helped by the sugar rush from the Double Decker I’ve just eaten. (I seem to be obsessed with Double Deckers at the moment) but sod it. OK, yes, I believe. No doubt by my next post I won’t believe, but right now I do.

And receive. I have to feel as if I have it already.

I’ve started by writing this cheque for £100,000.00. You can download this blank cheque at http://thesecret.tv/the-secret-check.html. My friend asked me why I didn’t write it out for more and I said I didn’t want The Universe to think I’m greedy. £100,000 in my overdrawn, credit-carded life would be miraculous. Anyway, the site says I need to look at this cheque every day and ‘When you look at the cheque, feel the feelings of having that money now. Imagine spending that money, al the thins you will buy and the things you will do. Feel how wonderful that is! Know it is yours, because when you ask it is.’

2014-03-24 09.36.29

So how long does all this take to become reality? 30 days, 30 minutes? 30 years?

‘Time is just an illusion’ says Rhonda. ‘It takes the Universe no time to manifest what you want. Any time delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the place of believing, knowing and feeling that you already have it. It is you getting yourself on the frequency of what you want. When you are on that frequency, then what you want will appear.’

OK, then…

So go on, it’s your turn… what would your dream list be?


PS – the book says to practice experiencing the law of attraction by setting out the ‘intention’ to get a free cup of coffee. I did that yesterday and it didn’t happen. I did make a lovely cup myself though – does that mean I’m too self-sufficient for the universe to help me out?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 09.48.26
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23 thoughts on “I just got a cheque for £100,000

  1. alex

    So exited for you about the book!!! Very inspiring to me, so if inspiring people is part of your dream I think you are truly living it! I have all the same questions about delusional vs negative. On the one hand there are things in my life that I am sure I “manifested” (our home for example, which was the most delightful gift from the universe and incredible the way things fell into place for us, all of which looked like utter catastrophes at the time) and on the other hand there are issues I struggle with that do not seem to budge (yet?). But I do think there is undeniable power in thinking about, deciding and stating our desires. Even if it is not the universe that responds, but our own inner strength and ability to create the life we want. I am currently running an experiment of writing down my 2014 goals/wishes very morning. Am committed to doing it for the rest of the year. Hopefully my scepticism won’t spoil things! We shall see…

  2. annemaryhastings

    I think the coffee is a trick but in a good way. By inviting the universe to give you a free coffee you then feel like making it happen for yourself so you made your own. By asking the universe for your dream list, you give yourself permission to go out and get them for yourself. Cunning. I’m on board with that kind of positive thinking.

  3. Elaine

    Loving the blog honest and realistic. It is easy for followers of self help to become all holier than thou. As a coach and generally a very positive person it does annoy me when people give the impression that it is all ask and you will receive. It is but you also have to move your butt, by making that coffee and enjoying it or by posting that chapter to the agent. The intention has to be set, cue the universe and the universe has received the order. So will the universe provide or will you move your butt and “manifest” it… I think it is a joint collaboration myself and you have to have the thought to put it out there for it to boinggg back to you. Setting the intention is also opening up your wider view of the matter so you are more aware of opportunities and hear those ideas that spring into your mind to bring about your desires.
    Go for it… And I love that you are going to meet lots of men before finding the one fab!

    1. Marianne Power

      Elaine, thank you! I think that’s something I’d criticise The Secret for – there is only one sentence with says you may have to take ‘joyous action’ in order to achieve your dreams. The rest says you place the order, sit back and wait but I don’t believe the world can work that way. You have to get up each day and try. And yes, turns out when I was writing the list that I really don’t want to settle down just yet, would like some fun and adventure first. Thanks so much for reading and for the lovely comments, you’ve made my day.

  4. Zoe R

    Huh. This book is now pending delivery, but I am also going to have a tough time with this one. But I’ll do it too! I’m putting all my chips on true love and a family. Come on, lucky 7s. Does the Universe stack the odds?

    1. Marianne Power

      Zoe R, I want that for you too. Maybe there is just something in having the guts to admit to yourself and to the world what you really want. It’s scary to do it. I’ll put in a good word with The Universe. x

  5. threeresolutionsguy

    Marianne, many writers here have it on the nose – the Secret is only half the story (and the film is a long ad for the contributors). I’m desperately witing for you to get to The 7 Habits and Awaken the Giant Within – proper books!

  6. Helen

    I’m going to try this book for myself after reading your blog. I want to make positive changes and this seems to be a good place to start. Fingers crossed x

  7. Yola

    Hi Marianne,
    Just joined and this is my first comment.I read the book and even did seminars related to it.In the beginning I followed the advice and actually wonderful things started to happen.Unfortunately I soon lost my momentum, got sidetracked and that was it.Don`t want to burst your bubble, I do believe that if you stick with it it really works.All the best with your book.I really admire what you`re doing.

    1. Marianne Power

      Yola, thank you. It’s hard to keep the momentum with these things, isn’t it? It’s like healthy eating or going to the gym. Very exciting at first but you have to work at it. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment. So glad you’re enjoying it. x

  8. mrsgold70

    I love your blog. It is so honest and funny. I truly could almost see in my mind the move “Help Me!” I am very happy for you! Can I ask for your autograph before you get to be famous in Hollywood? 😉

  9. michelle

    Beyond thrilled for you to hear this fantabulous news, Marianne. This is such a rollicking journey you’re taking us all on – the book and movie gonna be total winners! mxxx ps you’re my hero

  10. Sarah

    Again…I’m coming late to the party, but having just read this post I have to tell you that I do think there is something to this whole thing. Not read The Secret yet but would def like to and I’ve added it to my ‘Books’ list (which is pretty extensive!) However I ‘wanted’ a ticket for the mens 100m final at the 2012 London Olympics. I was already inside the Olympic park thanks to a last minute ticket for the handball. I hadn’t thought about seeing the final live until I was there on the day. I became like a woman obsessed, with a burning desire that physically hurt inside my stomach all day. I kept telling people I would be inside the stadium, and I also kept saying ‘I believe’. I had no idea how it would happen as I had no luck online (on my mobile) nor did my partner (at home on his laptop). However true to my word, I was sat in a £320 seat that night, inside the Stadium to experience one of the best nights of my life, ever. I didn’t pay a single penny for my ticket, despite trying to force money on the person that gave it to me. I just KNEW that I would get a ticket, and I TRULY BELIEVED. I’ve tried to feel that way about things in my life ever since, and never quite had that same conviction which is actually quite frustrating, BUT I do think that if you really know what you want, that somehow you can manifest it. Don’t ask me how, but I do believe that it works… keep believing Marianne. I can def see this as a book, and also a film. I’d watch it!! 🙂
    Love Sarah x


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