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10 ways to be in the now… Now

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 08.44.381) Breathe. In Power of Now-land, breathing is very important. Some would even say vital (har, har). Eckhart Tolle reckons that you can’t get caught up in your crazy thoughts if you are focussing on your breath. It’s true. Try sitting on a chair, closing your eyes and taking 10 deep, slow breaths. If you’re like me you’ll tell yourself ‘I DON’T HAVE TIME TO SIT ON A CHAIR BREATHING! I HAVE THINGS TO DO, PROBLEMS TO FRET OVER, FACEBOOK UPDATES TO CHECK.’ Anyway, this is Bull. You have time to take 10 slow breaths. So do it. Now. If your crazy thoughts/to-do list start to creep in, that’s fine – just keep bringing your focus back to the breath. It’s weird how hard this can seem at the beginning but it gets easier and it has a huge effect. It’s the Tolle equivalent of a big glass of red.

2) Stop, look and listen. We get so lost in our heads, our iPhones or work, that we often pay no attention to our surroundings. So do it now. Stop what you’re doing and look up. Who is in the room? What is the light like? Is there a window? Are you sitting on standing? How does that feel? What sounds are there? Focussing on exactly what’s happening now brings you right bang back into the moment, which helps you feel calmer and more on solid ground (instead of the quick sand of your thoughts). Continue reading