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Feel the fear and sing in public, after eating offal

So this weekend I enrolled on a two day stand-up comedy course that culminated in a live performance on Sunday night. I also arranged to eat offal and do karaoke on Saturday night. Suffice it to say it was a meltdown inducing, terrifying weekend.

But look, here I am writing about it – which means that I must have survived…

First the Saturday night offal and karaoke.

My lovely friend, Claire, treated me to a dinner at to St John in Farringdon. It specialises in something called snout to tail food and is the kind of restaurant that I would never in a million years go to. I’m a real wimp when it comes to food. I don’t eat much meat and even feel funny eating the dark bits of chicken. I  like my food to be as sanitised and removed from its source as possible.  No eyes, innards or things with funny textures.

So Claire did the ordering for us.

Vegetarians please look away but this is what we had: bone marrow (which were basically bones on a plate which looked like something the Flinstones would eat), liver of some sort, haggis and ox’s heart. Yup, heart.

bone marrow

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