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De-clutter your way to fabulous riches. And humiliation.

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Sorry for the absence but I hope you’ll be happy to know that it was partly because I was doing actual paid work – hurrah! I wrote a piece about the geography of dating (why you’re hot in some countries and not in others) and how to make a biscuit that looks like a Wedgewood plate. I also got naked again, this time for a magazine. No, not Playboy.

Yup. Between that and the ‘I’m a money magnet’ mantras, life continues to be weird. In the best possible way.

So my money month is almost over (I’m running behind schedule, surprise, surprise) and I celebrated with a wardrobe clear out.

Kate Northrup suggests selling old clothes you don’t wear because a) it’s a source of cash and b) in Feng Shui clutter is bad because it blocks your capacity to get new things.

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