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4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Ellen

    HI Marianne, I read your piece yest in Sat Indo 31st Oct about not being hard on yourself….and I can so relate to that right now…..going through a very negative, anxious phase…..which has come and gone throughout my life…….no more than anybody else, I am searching for the happiness factor and don’t want to spend another day thinking badly of myself and dreading the days.
    Looking forward to reading your blog and sharing the positive.
    Thank you…..I feel I have done something worthwhile today in writing to you.
    best regards

  2. Norita Murphy

    dear Marianne….understand everything you say…been there…am there…..want and need to go with you on this journey….believe so much in people power and that all need to be with each other – physically as well as virtually…on our Holy Grail to find joy and contentment, laughter, lightness, silliness…to feel young and free and light and bubbly.
    Let me walk and run and explore with you??/ Ok?? Your words of simple insight and wisdom and honest to God down to earthness in the irish Independent – have touched me and consoled, helped me to feel understood, and given acknpwledgement to my feelings – in such a special way. Thank you. Please stat in touch. i want…I need to do this with you….sense of excitement that i am about to become part of something very significant!…talk soon again Marianne. Norita


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